Oil spill effects.

New Release Regarding the Deepwater Horizon Aftermath

Oil spill effects.Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara released a study last month discussing the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon explosion thus far.

Analyzing Oil Spill Effects in the Gulf of Mexico

Did you know that many Deepwater Horizon claims remain unresolved? Did you know that the Deepwater Horizon explosion contaminated over 1,000 miles of seafloor with 160 million gallons of oil? Although the Deepwater Horizon oil spill effects may not be as visible as they were six years ago, the effects are still widespread. In this month’s research, a variety of compounds from the Gulf of Mexico at different levels of oil contamination were thoroughly analyzed to see and share the oil spill’s effects.

Oil-Caused Degradation Found

According to this release, “samples were classed as lightly, moderately or heavily contaminated, and the loss of each compound was examined for each of those conditions. For many of the compounds, there was a distinct signal that strongly suggested degradation had been much faster while the oil was still suspended in the water column and had slowed down considerably after deposition to the seafloor.”

To read more about this study, you can follow this link, here.


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