BP Oil Spill on Gulf Coast.

Getting Answers About the Deepwater Horizon

For those not aware, there is a new book out titled BP Blowout discussing the causes and legacy of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, as well as a blockbuster film titled Deepwater Horizon that’s currently in theaters. Neither this most recent movie nor the book itself were able to fully disclose at length all that happened on that dreadful day.

BP Oil Spill on Gulf Coast.

Peter Berg’s Deepwater Horizon

It is a well-known fact that the 2010 explosion of the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon not only caused its crew members’ deaths, but it also caused millions of gallons of oil to gush into the Gulf of Mexico. To this day, thousands of people are still awaiting their Deepwater Horizon settlement to recover damages caused by BP’s actions/inactions.

It’s very unsurprising that this event has now been translated into film. It’s also unfortunately unsurprising that the reason it couldn’t be made into a big budget movie sooner is because it was and remains very hard to acquire a whole account of exactly what happened during, before, and directly after the explosion. Resultantly, the movie glosses over the full timeline of events preceding and proceeding the Deepwater Horizon explosion, all presumably due to legal roadblocks by BP.

Daniel Jacobs’ BP Blowout

Daniel Jacobs is a former Department of Justice lawyer that shared, in his words, “the story that neither BP nor the federal government wants heard.” Jacobs’ book, titled BP Blowout, was released recently, within weeks of the Deepwater Horizon movie.

This is not the only book being sold in major bookstores that retells what happened during, before, and directly after the 2010 BP explosion. It’s also very unsurprising that books are being created on the subject. However, due to so many people withholding information for their own potential liabilities, they all fall short in truly revealing all that happened in the 2010 BP explosion.

… despite Jacobs’ insider status, the book doesn’t bring much to the table that hasn’t been reported before. It misses an opportunity to advance the conversation around the legacy of the spill or provide lessons on how we might be better prepared for the next major catastrophe involving an extractive industry.

You can read more about movie and book portrayals of the Deepwater Horizon disaster via the following link.


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