Deepwater Horizon Claims and Settlement

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in 2010. This event is commonly known as the “BP Oil Spill.” BP initially agreed primarily to compensate all businesses harmed by this environmental disaster in a fully transparent and efficient manner. However, the final version of the Settlement Program fails to live up to this high standard.

The Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center (DHECC)

The Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center (DHECC) was designed to compensate businesses and individuals who lost income as a result of the spill. BP testified in open court that the Deepwater Horizon settlement program was a fair and transparent way to compensate businesses harmed by the spill. Although the DHECC has paid out many claimants, hundreds of thousands of Deepwater Horizon claims remain unresolved.

Deepwater Horizon claims and settlement help.

It has been over six years since the spill, yet many claimants have not received the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, BP’s legal maneuvering and payment delays have forced many businesses into bankruptcy, and in other cases claimants have passed away while waiting for their settlement funds.

Deepwater Horizon Claims Referrals and Assistance

The deadline to file new claims was June 8, 2015, yet still BP fights to pay as little as possible to those who were harmed. Although the filing deadline has passed, Jason J. Joy & Associates, P.L.L.C. welcomes BP referrals. We can quickly and accurately evaluate your claim and explain your options.

Whether you are an individual or business attempting to navigate the claims process on your own, or a law office looking for a partner on their BP cases – we can help. Call us today.

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