Farmland environmental contamination.

Farmland Environmental Contamination

Farmland environmental contamination cases are a type of environmental property contamination which is commonly caused by oil & gas exploration and a lack of proper remediation. Essentially, the oil and gas companies do not return the property to the owners the way they found it. We get deserved compensation for farmland environmental contamination from oil & gas defendants.

Property Contamination Caused by Oil & Gas Contamination

The oil & gas defendants in farmland environmental contamination cases are large companies with deep pockets. Those suffering oil & gas contamination on their farmland have their businesses and personal lives affected. They deserve proper compensation for their grievances.

Legacy Oil & Gas Lawsuit

Most farmland contamination caused by oil & gas contamination in Louisiana can be handled as a legacy lawsuit. Farmland may have been affected by oil & gas contamination as far back as the 1980s.

Farmland Oil & Gas Contamination in Louisiana

We’re looking for clients that own land that’s been affected by oil & gas contamination. The legacy lawsuits we’re referring to are targeted for a specific ruling in Louisiana.

Not too long ago, farmland in the Louisiana area suffered from oil spills of varying sizes while surrounding properties were the subject of historical oil & gas exploration and production activities. Oil & gas companies would essentially throw dirt on the affected areas versus properly clean the land. The contaminated farmland was treated as a landfill. Merely covering the affected areas with dirt affects farm production on all levels for decades. Soil and groundwater were left contaminated with oil. Production equipment was abandoned.

If you own farmland that’s been affected by oil & gas contamination in Louisiana, we’d like to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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