3M Combat Earplugs Lawsuit

The Purpose of Combat 3M Earplugs:

  • To block out noise as typical earplugs do
  • To block – or reduce – loud battlefield noises, such as gunshots and explosions

The earplugs were designed with the intent that wearers would still be able to hear officer’s commands when the earplugs were worn with the yellow end in their ears. However, the ends of these earplugs were too short, making them too loose to fit in many soldiers’ ears properly.

This is what’s known as a design defect, meaning that the intended design of the earplugs was inherently flawed with the final product carrying an unnecessary risk of harm. Other examples of product designs are commonly seen in poorly designed power tools, where safety or other features were not properly considered, making the item dangerous to use.

As such, those who were issued these earplugs could be suffering from hearing loss, the symptoms of which include:

  • Muffled speech
  • Withdrawing from conversations
  • Difficulty hearing specific words over background noise
  • Needing to increase the volume of your TV or radio
  • Challenges hearing consonants

The defective earplugs can cause persistent noise or ringing in the ears. The condition can be related to greater hearing loss or a more serious ear injury, reach out to Jason J. Joy and Associates if you are experiencing any of these conditions.

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