Mass Tort Medical Claims

Mass tort medical claims typically involve a civil suit where all plaintiffs suffer from the same or similar injuries. These injuries may result from a defective medical product, device, service, or medication. In a mass tort medical claim, the court hears claims concerning injury suffered to all plaintiffs in one case, rather than many cases in many different courts. This consolidation helps avoid the wasteful costs of certain types of litigation.

When a Mass Tort Medical Claim is Necessary

When the court hears a mass tort medical claim, the court gains knowledge regarding the many different types of injuries suffered by the many varying clients from the same specific product, device or service. This case consolidation and associated comprehensive knowledge of the defect makes your case much stronger, compared to a court hearing only your case and your specific injury individually, by itself.

Mass tort medical claims

Because of the range of injuries that plaintiffs often suffer from the negligence or design flaw of a medical device, product, or service, it takes the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced law firm to represent plaintiff-clients. Plaintiffs need an attorney with this expertise and knowledge to handle complex issues that often arise in mass tort medical claims in order to properly gather all evidence, prepare the mass tort medical claim for litigation, and effectively represent many plaintiffs at once.

It is very difficult for an individual to win a case on their own against a giant company. These large companies have deep pockets to pay their attorney fees and know how to use the legal system to their advantage. You need an experienced attorney in mass tort medical claims to represent your interests against these mega-giant medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Attorney Jason J. Joy Handles Mass Tort Medical Claims

When you want the expertise of a law firm that can go up against the legal team of large companies, Jason J. Joy & Associates, P.L.L.C. makes the process easy for you and other plaintiffs involved in mass tort medical claims.

Attorney Jason J. Joy ensures your voice is heard as part of a mass tort medical claim. The firm of Jason J. Joy & Associates, P.L.L.C. also makes sure the court hears your individual voice and knows the significant injury, pain, and suffering that you or a loved one incurred.

If you or a loved one suffered injury that you believe is related to a medical product, service, or device, learn how Jason J. Joy & Associates, P.L.L.C. can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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