Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit.

Monsanto Roundup™ at Center of Federal Case

The currently highly popular Monsanto Roundup™ weed killer is currently at the center of a federal case. Claims are being made that it causes cancer.

The New York Times shared: “‘Our planet is being poisoned by Monsanto,’ said Teri McCall, a California avocado farmer whose husband, Jack, used Roundup™ for years and died in 2015 after suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

Monsanto Roundup™ Users Demand Answers

Roundup™ is currently among the most popular weed killers, worldwide.The company is being accused of obscuring evidence that Roundup™ causes cancer by producing their own ghostwritten academic papers and news articles.

“‘At the very least it needs to have a warning label so people can make an informed decision,’ said Ms. McCall, who claims Roundup™ caused the death of her husband,” shared the New York Times.

You can learn more about Monsanto Roundup™ claims in the U.S. and Europe:

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