Simon Nitinol IVC Filters are now included in Bard MDL 2641.

The JPML recently denied Bard-Davol’s request to separate Simon Nitinol IVC Filters into a new MDL. That means Bard MDL 2641 will now be expanded to accept claims from patients who received a Simon Nitinol IVC Filter.

Placing Patients At Risk

Bard was responsible for manufacturing IVC devices that caused the deaths of at least 27 patients, with hundreds more experiencing serious health complications when their original IVC device ended up being replaced with the newer modified version. The Simon Nitinol IVC Filters are the latest devices from Bard to fall under the MDL.

A Chance for Recovery

The addition of the Simon Nitinol IVC Filters to the current MDL means patients with that version of the IVC Filter can now file claims for their losses. Most were previously turned down by law firms since that version of the device was not part of the original MDL.

Let Us Review Your IVC Filter Case

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Jason J Joy and Associates - MarinaSimon Nitinol IVC Filters are now included in Bard MDL 2641.